Do YOU want kids to feel calm?


A Calm Coach empowers kids with tools to feel safe & calm, through workshops and one on one sessions. 

And whilst you are in the process of becoming a Calm Coach, your own life will also transform!

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Are you concerned about the increasing number of anxious kids & teens? 

Kids have a lot to deal with these days: social media;  online bullying;  screen addiction;  exposure to mature themes;  academic pressure; heavy homework load;  a plethora of processed foods... Oh! and a global health pandemic.


We can't fix all of the world's problems, but we CAN coach kids to be more aware of the symptoms of anxiety and the tools they can use to help them navigate their way through life and thrive. 


Why do kids need a Calm Coach?

Just in the same way that kids need a coach to help them learn gymnastics or soccer, they also need a skilled adult to teach them how to regulate their emotions and apply calm tools when they need it throughout the day.


Can you see yourself in this role?


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Learn from my experience 

I've worked with kids for over 20 years and over that time, I have witnessed a drastic rise in anxiety. 

My weekly sessions with kids used to focus on playful stretch sequences and creative visualisations- now, I still make the sessions playful, but I focus on teaching them tools that they can practice anywhere, anytime to help them regulate their nervous system.

When I started attracting more school teachers and allied health professionals than yoga teachers to my Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training, I realised there was a great need for adults who care about the wellbeing of children, to learn how to share these tools with kids.

That's when I created Calm Coach Training


I've packaged up what I've been teaching kids for the past 16 years in schools, day care centres, one on one sessions and in a children's hospital ward so that you get the tried and tested tools that work best. I've combined the tools with the frameworks I've created for Kids Yoga Teachers with my more recent study of trauma informed practices;  emotional intelligence; play based therapies; somatic movement & nervous system regulation.

Now, I am ready to share this amazing combination with you! 

Stacey Louise

Calm Fairies Founder; Calm Coach Training  Facilitator; Registered Children's Yoga Teacher & Trainer. 
I want to be a Calm Coach too!

Get all the tools you need to... 

✔ Help kids & teens to identify their own stress response & know which tools will help


✔ Empower kids & teens who are being bullied; feeling inadequate; need a self esteem boost


✔ Share movements that help reverse the damaging effects of poor posture caused by screen time 


✔ Give kids & teens the essential life tools that they aren't learning anywhere else


✔ Make a REAL difference in the lives of kids & teens



"You make it such a safe, loving and fun enivronment.

Thanks again for everything you do

and for being such a positive person in my life"

Maddy~ Teen student

Who is this training for?

✔ Allied health professionals
✔ Mental health professionals
✔ Nurses 
✔ Early Learning Educators
✔ Classroom teachers
✔ Yoga teachers
✔ Coaches
✔ Aspiring Calm Coaches
✔ Aspiring Calm Fairies

When you successfully complete Calm Coach you will:

✔ be a certified Calm Coach for kids & teens


✔ be able to get insurance to facilitate Calm Coach workshops and private sessions with kids & teens


✔ be trained in teaching calm tools to kids aged three to teen


✔ can start your own business or add value to your existing profession


✔ have the tools, frameworks & support you need to make a difference in the lives of kids & teens
✔ be eligible to apply for the Calm Fairies hospital team


How is the Calm Coach training different to other courses?

Work at your pace

Work through the online courses at your own pace. You have lifetime access.

Choose your level

Choose which level of study & commitment you're ready for: 

Calm Coach Level 1, 2 or 3. 

Case studies

Practice the tools you are learning with REAL kids. Get support along the way with the mentor sessions.  


Mentorship sessions to help you stay on track; ask questions as they arise; and be connected with others.  

Simone- Calm Coach graduate

"The fortnightly mentorship sessions really kept me motivated and on track with the study."


If this sounds good so far, you're in the right place! 

What you will learn:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Movements to help kids through the stress cycle

  • Relaxation practices

  • Meditation & mindfulness

  • How to use art & craft therapeutically

  • How to build rapport & practice empathy with kids

  • Emotional intelligence & resilience building

  • How to facilitate a workshop

  • How to run one on one sessions

  • Tools for coaching early childhood; teens; kids with ASD; kids who have experienced trauma

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Calm Coach Training Modules 

Marjorie- Calm Coach graduate

"Thank you Stacey for being such a wonderful facilitator. All of your training is so thorough and comprehensive.

I have loved the content and the format of the Calm Coach training. The flexibility of the short model videos and detailed training manuals, make them easy to watch, practice and implement as you go along.

The training platform is great, being able to access and rewatch modules on demand such a valuable resource."

Minimum Time: 1 month

Total Training Hours: 13

Mentorship: 1 group call

Modules: 1-6

Certificate of completion 

Downloadable notes

Lifetime access

Option to Upgrade to Level 2

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Minimum Time: 3 months

Total Training Hours: 25

Mentorship: 3 group calls

Modules: 1-6

Exclusive modules:7-9

Template to run your own workshop

Practice teaching with REAL kids

Reflective practice

Certificate of completion 

Downloadable notes

Lifetime access

Option to Upgrade to Level 3

Get it now

Minimum Time: 6 months

Total Training Hours: 65

Mentorship: 12 group + 3 x 1:1

Modules: 1-6

Exclusive modules: 7-14

Template to run your own workshop

Template to run your own 1:1 sessions

Practice teaching with REAL kids

Reflective practice

Certificate of completion 

Downloadable notes

Lifetime access

Yoga Australia Approved Professional Development 

Calm Coach logo license

Option to apply for Calm Fairies

Apply now

Curious about what goes on inside of the Calm Coach Training?


Check out the FREE Calm Coach Training Taste Tester. This 30 minute video explains what Calm Coach Training includes PLUS gives you a free sample of: 

  •  a yoga flow to warm up the spine (for kids AND adults PLUS how to adapt it for kids under 5)
  •  an overview of the nervous system and the impact on kids' behaviour 
  •  an overview of coaching emotional intelligence
  •  an easy exercise to integrate the brain
  •  the feather breath technique
  •  AND the popular PIZZA MASSAGE! 
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Hear genuine feedback from Calm Coach graduates



"I LOVED the practical and science based nature of it"

"I have taken something from every module and brought it into what I am already doing" 

"Your one on one calls were (almost) my highlight"

"The way you presented it... it could have been boring, it could have been too much- but everything was juicy and beautiful" 

I want to be a Calm Coach too!

Training made easy

  • Login in on your phone or computer
  • Follow along with the downloadable notes
  • Chip away at short chapters 
  • Work at your own pace
  • Fortnightly mentorship to keep you on track

Kids need a Calm Coach

When I first created Calm Coach, it was with the intention to share it with professionals who work with kids, through in-person workshops . During the lockdowns, I filmed the course content and put it online. I honestly wasn't sure how it would go!  The only thing I was sure about, was that a lot of kids need a Calm Coach in their life- now more than ever, and I needed to find a way to get more adults trained up with these tools. 
I KNOW these tools work for kids- I have been using them for over 15 years and getting noteworthy feedback from kids, parents, teachers and health professionals. Now I know that the online training works too.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been for students to access the training and how connected we all feel when we jump onto the zoom call each fortnight. 
There are graduates from the Calm Coach training confidently including tools into their work with kids; delivering workshops; and one on one sessions. Kids all over the world are benefitting. It will be my absolute honour to share the training with you too, so that you can also empower kids with tools to feel safe & calm, in your part of the world. 
Stacey Louise ~ Calm Fairies Founder; Calm Coach Training  Facilitator; Registered Children's Yoga Teacher & Trainer. 


Yes, I am keen! Send me more info

Frequently Asked Questions


"Thank you for your knowledge and for your delivery of the information. I simply loved the whole lot. 


My kindy kids and their families are already in a better place because of your teachings."


Kristy~ Calm Coach Graduate

If YOU want to become a Calm Coach...


Register your interest now as there are limited spaces in each training group. 

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