Do you want to join the Calm Fairies team? 

Would you enjoy dressing up as a fairy and sharing calm tools with kids in hospital and medical settings? 

Yes- I want to be a Calm Fairy!

Calm Fairies help kids feel safe and calm in:

✔ Hospital wards
✔ Hospices
✔ Pathology clinics
✔ OT/ physio sessions
✔ Mental health clinics
✔ Refuges
✔ Schools
✔ Daycare centres
✔ One on one sessions

The Calm Fairies method is a fusion of:

✔ Neurobiology
✔ Trauma sensitive
✔ Calm breathing
✔ Therapeutic movements
✔ Mindfulness
✔ Using art therapeutically
✔ Play based activities
✔ Calming yoga poses
✔ Relaxation practices

Her anxiety began to creep up but she did pretty well not to struggle while the nurse began. However, the needle didn't go in properly and we could see Elki starting to panic (as were we) but with some breathing techniques I learnt from the Calm Fairy [Yoga Therapist] at the hospital, Elki soon calmed down and breathed with me while they repositioned the needle... we are so proud of Elki today, she was the bravest we have ever seen her.

Lisa~ Elki's Mum 

"This is the most fulfilling work I've ever done"...

"I have hundreds of stories and testimonials (most of which I am not not allowed to tell as it breaches hospital policy/ patient confidentiality) about how the Calm Fairies service has benefited young patients.


The stories range from distracting little ones with playful activities whilst they get a cannulla removed; to guiding a patient through focused breathing whilst they endure another wave of abdominal pain; to giving hand massages and guided relaxations to help overtired patients fall asleep; to helping teens with eating disorders process the traumatic experience having to be fed through a nasal gastric tube.


This work is not for the faint hearted, but it is for the whole hearted.


If you deeply care for the wellbeing of kids and want to help them through what might be one of their darkest days,  then please consider applying to join the Calm Fairies team."

Stacey Louise ~ Calm Fairies Founder, CEO & Trainer



Yes! I want to be a Calm Fairy!

Step ONE: Apply

Fill out the Calm Fairies application form to tell us a little bit about yourself and to ask questions. Then you will receive an email from the admin team with more information. 

Apply now

Step TWO: Call 

Once you are ready to go ahead with the next step, we will jump on a call, answer your questions and ensure that we are the right fit for each other. 

Step THREE: Calm Coach Training

The first part of the training is the six month Calm Coach training which is all done online with a mix of pre-recoded videos; case studies + mentorship calls with Stacey. 

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Step FOUR: Calm Fairies Training

After the Calm Coach Training is complete, there is additional specialised training to adapt the calm tools to the medical setting.

Step FIVE: Funding 

The Calm Fairies team will seek funding to cover the cost of the Calm Fairies mentorship + your role in a hospital. And of course... we will get you some wings! 

If you're keen to join the Calm Fairies team, apply!


Yes- I want to be a Calm Fairy!