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Do you know kids who are anxious, overwhelmed and hard to engage with?

You can learn the tools that you need to help kids feel calm from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace with an online course.


The Calm Fairies Online Courses:


 have easy to understand explanations 

 are broken down into short, bite-size sections 

 feature clear demonstrations  

 include downloadable comprehensive notes  


Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher


Fabulous. Learnt a lot- even though I've been teaching belly breathing for a while. You break it down nice and simply.

Choose from the Calm Fairies courses:


Want to do them all?

Get the Calm Fairies package with all 6 courses.

That is 9 hours of rich information + practical tools to help you empower kids immediately. 

  • Breathing for Anxious Kids
  • Calm Tools for Anxious Kids
  • Brain Break for Overwhelmed Kids
  • Meditation Tools for Kids
  • Calm Tools for Early Childhood
  • Calm Tools for Teens

Valued at $794.

Get all 6 courses for just $248 and save $546.

Get them all for just $248


Registered Nurse

I love the the use of props for visualizing your breath. Thank you for demonstrating each technique-  it is super helpful and engaging.


Kids Yoga Teacher

You deliver content in such an informative and easy to understand way. The PDF notes are great. I'm so eager for the next modules.

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