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Three Tips for a Calm Christmas

1) It is ok to say "No" to events you don't want to attend; to awkward hugs with relatives; to getting caught up in the frenzy of gift shopping; to anything that you know will trigger you into a stress response. 

2) Plan something joyous for YOU. This time of year can be a time where we put others first. Can you plan something that brings YOU joy so you have something to look forward to? A bath? A Yoga class? A catch up with a friend? 

3) Take long slow exhales. If you find that your nervous system has been triggered (by the stimulus of Christmas shopping, family tension, or driving from place to place) take some long slow exhales from the mouth as if you are blowing bubbles through a straw. The longer the exhale, the more calm your nervous system can become. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and joyous start to 2024.

Stacey and the Calm Fairies team.

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