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Do you know what it is like to be with kids who experience anxiety?  Do you sometimes wish you could offer them more help to feel calm? (And also know what NOT to do!) 

Join me for a FREE webinar and learn how YOU can help kids feel calm. 


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A balance of theory + practical experience.

You will learn a key concept and have a chance to practice it before you share it with REAL kids! 


Perfect for professionals:

✔ Paediatric Allied Health: OT; Physio; Dietician; Speech; Osteo etc


✔ Medical: Doctors; Nurses; Anaesthetists; Radiology; Pathology etc


✔ Mental Health: Therapists; Counsellors; Social work etc


✔ Education: Primary & Secondary Classroom Teachers; Support Teachers; Early Learning Educators etc


✔ Mentors & Coaches

 What you will learn:

✔ How to communicate with kids during an anxious moment  (eg. separation anxiety/ before an exam/ medical procedure)   


✔ How to recognise what a child needs to be soothed 


✔ The most effective breathing technique


✔ A mindfulness technique to help kids process what happened
✔ When NOT to use Calm Tools 

"The calm tools provided were well explained; simple but profound and wrapped up in a playful way"

~ Registered Nurse ~

Register for the FREE webinar

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