Calm Fairies

Empowering kids with tools to feel safe and calm

at home, school and in medical settings. 


 Do you want to help kids feel safe and calm too? 

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After 15 years of sharing calm tools with kids, it's now time for me to share the tools with other professionals who work with kids, through workshops; online courses and the Calm Fairies training.   


Do you want to help kids feel safe and calm too? 

YES- I want to get started with a FREE course!

Calm Fairies help kids feel safe and calm in:

✔ Hospital wards
✔ Hospices
✔ Pathology clinics
✔ OT/ physio sessions
✔ Mental health clinics
✔ Refuges
✔ Schools & daycare centres
✔ One on one sessions

Calm Fairies courses are created for:

✔ Allied Health Professionals
✔ Mental Health Professionals
✔ Pediatricians & Nurses
✔ Classroom Teachers
✔ Early Childhood Educators
✔ Yoga Teachers
✔ Coaches
✔  Aspiring Calm Fairies

The Calm Fairies method is a fusion of:

✔ Neurobiology
✔ Calm breathing
✔ Therapeutic movements
✔ Mindfulness techniques
✔ Using art therapeutically
✔ Play based activities
✔ Calming yoga poses
✔ Relaxation practices

Calm Fairies Founder:

Stacey Louise

The inspiration for Calm Fairies came from my love of teaching children, combined with my own personal journey with managing anxiety resulting from a list of several medical conditions; countless blood tests and a handful of surgeries.


Throughout my whole life I’ve been immersed in learning, and I am fascinated by topics around childhood development; psychology; neurobiology; emotional intelligence; somatic healing practices; trauma and procedural anxiety.


When I couldn’t find a training to undertake that combined those things, I created it-  for myself, and for you- so that we could have the right combination of knowledge and tools to truly help kids feel safe and calm.

I am a Yoga Therapist with over 15 years experience working with kids in a hospital setting. As a Level 3, Senior Registered Yoga Teacher (with Yoga Australia), and a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher  (with Yoga Alliance), I have been facilitating accredited Children’s Yoga Teacher Training since 2012.


Previous to teaching kids how to be calm, I was a KidFit Instructor; worked on a Children’s TV show and was studying to be a Primary School Teacher.

I LOVE working with kids from two to teen! 

My work in hospitals began in the playroom, as a volunteer playing with patients and their siblings.  One day a nurse saw me teaching yoga to the kids and asked if I would teach in the mental health ward.  For the next seven years, I taught yoga and fitness three times a week in that ward.


When I completed my Yoga Therapy studies, I relocated, and again started volunteering at my local hospital. Since 2011, I have been generously funded for my work by a local charity organisation. Often dressed as a fairy, the nurses referred to me as “The Yoga Fairy”.


I have since integrated different calming modalities into the program, and had a fairy costume made, which led to the name “Calm Fairies”.

It's time to expand the Calm Fairies team.

Do you want to help kids feel safe and calm in hospital? 

YES! I want to be a fairy too!

"Thank you for working your magic with our kids, and the other kids on the ward too... There is a brightening of spirits just at the anticipation of your visit" 

~Tony, Charlie's Dad