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Empower kids with tools to feel calm

These online courses are for paediatric health professionals, educators & parents. Presented in bite size pieces; easy to understand language; demonstrations and downloadable notes.

Breathing for Anxious Kids

Learn WHAT is happening in a child's brain & body when they feel anxious; WHY breathing helps to calm them and HOW you can teach simple tools that work immediately. 

45 min course


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Calm Tools for Anxious Kids

Learn movements; breathing & mindfulness tools that you can share with anxious kids. 

80 min course

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Brain Breaks for Overwhelmed Kids

Learn how to teach tools that empower kids to integrate their brains, reduce overwhelm and feel more calm.

45 min course

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Calm Fairies Relaxation

Be guided into a state of deep relaxation to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

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Help change the statistics 

You can help alleviate childhood anxiety caused by a variety of triggers including:

  • Medical trauma
  • School
  • Bullying
  • Increased screen time
  • Home environment
According to Beyond Blue research, 6.9% of children and young people (aged 4 to 17 years) had suffered from an anxiety disorder in the past 12 months. 

We can reduce that statistic. Learn simple tools that can be applied immediately to help anxious kids feel calm. 

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Train with Calm Fairies

Have you tasted the short online courses and are hungry to learn more so that you can help kids feel calm? Take a deeper dive into these training options. Contact [email protected] for more details.


Retreat style Professional Development workshops for health professionals and educators. 

Calm Coach Training

Join the 6 month online Calm Coach training so you can teach 1:1 sessions & workshops for kids.  April 2021

Calm Fairies Training

Put on your fairy wings & join the Calm Fairies team to empower kids with tools to feel safe and calm in medical settings.


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