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Eating Disorder Support

Calm Fairy Stacey first started working with young people diagnosed with eating disorders in 2005 in her role as a Yoga Teacher in the mental health unit in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.


Since then, she has supported thousands of young people during their recovery in hospital, offering a compassionate presence whilst sharing tools that help individuals cope with the stress of diagnosis & initial stages of recovery.


Stacey is a part of the teaching team at EndED (End Eating Disorders) Mindful Studio, "CocoonED", where she teaches yoga classes & facilitates specialised training for the studio teachers to ensure that the classes are safe & sensitive to the needs of participants. 

Join Stacey for a gentle yoga practice at the EndED's mindful studio, "CocoonED". Take the options that best suit where you are at today in your recovery.

Duration: 40 mins

Take a look around EndED's mindful studio, "CocoonED", located at Woombye, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. Check out the EndED website and socials for info on upcoming classes & events.

Duration: 4 mins

Stacey was interviewed on the EndED podcast & takes you through a guided meditation. Check it out. 

Duration: 45 mins

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