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The Calm Fairies Team

Our team of well-trained professionals are passionate about empowering kids & teens to feel safe & calm, especially in vulnerable situations. Whilst each fairy brings their own unique skills, experiences & style, we all sprinkle the same magical Calm Fairies dust into the lives of children with our gentle, yet delightful presence.

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How Calm Fairies began...

"My introduction to this work began back in the year 2000 when I volunteered at the Royal Children's Hospital (now known as Queensland Children's Hospital).


I had started studying to be a Primary School Teacher, but changed degrees and ended up working in Children's TV. Those skills in TV production led me to help out in the "Wonder Factory" which was a "break out" room for patients and siblings to come and play and have some reprieve from hospital life. I helped out with their in-house broadcast studio so that kids could film themselves performing or being a Music Hits Host, and it would play on the TVs throughout the Children's ward.


Other times I would help out with craft activities or teach the children yoga or dress in costumes and go around to the wards to read stories and play games with the kids who were too sick to leave their bed. This volunteer work led me to working for 7 years in the Child & Family Therapy Unit (mental health) teaching fitness and yoga for the kids. 

After completing my Yoga Therapy study, I relocated and volunteered at my local hospital. Since 2011, Wishlist Foundation has generously funded my work in the Child & Adolescent Ward at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (previously Nambour Hospital Children's Ward). Often dressed as a fairy, the nurses referred to me as "The Yoga Fairy". Over the years, I have integrated different calming modalities into the program- which led to the new name "Calm Fairies".  

This work is not for the feint-hearted, but it is for the whole-hearted. This role requires you to be emotionally regulated; resilient; able to think on your feet to create a session that is tailored to the needs of the patient in that moment. I absolutely love my work as a Calm Fairy and it is my soul mission to spread this program across the globe."

Stacey Louise, founder of Calm Fairies


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Do you want to join the Calm Fairies Team?

The Calm Fairies team expanded in 2023 with the placement of three new Calm Fairies in QLD.


Our team will grow again in 2024 so that we can have a Calm Fairy in every Children's hospital ward in Australia (eventually the world!) 

Do you want to join the Calm Fairies team?

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