Does your little one need some help to drift off to sleep? Need a quick brain break between study sessions?  Would it be helpful to have a resource that you could share with a teen who experiences anxiety?


I've got you covered. Check out the videos for kids and teens. 

Download 9 kids yoga classes now for just $27 AUD
Download 9 kids yoga classes now for just $27 AUD
Download NOW for just $11

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Brain Breaks for

Overwhelmed Kids


In this 40 minute course you will learn:

  • Tools to integrate both hemispheres of the brain to help kids concentrate and feel calm 
  • Therapeutic movements & activities that can be done between tasks/ lessons
  • Calming breathing techniques to help focus the mind


Buy Now For $119 AUD

Calm Tools for

Anxious Kids


In this 80 minute course you will learn how to teach kids :

  • Therapeutic movements to diffuse their stress
  • Relaxing poses to calm the nervous system
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Three breathing techniques 
  • guided relaxation 


Buy Now For $179 AUD
Get BOTH courses and SAVE $99!

Free Videos

Check out the FREE videos for kids and teens on the Calm Fairies Vimeo channel.